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If you wish to move, please contact your assigned Housing Coordinator so we can start the moving process.

A Q&A about Moving

When should I notify you that I want to move?

In order for you to have time to do the paperwork and find out what you qualify to look for you will want to notify us approximately 1 ½ to 2 months before you plan on moving.

Why do I need to notify you so early?

You want to give yourself time to be able to look so that you do not put yourself in a situation to where you have to be out of your unit and have not found a new place yet.

What happens after I notify you I want to move?

You will receive a moving/rehouse packet (see under Documents on the upper-right of this page). This is similar to the yearly/annual review packet you do every year. You will need to complete the packet and turn it in with current verifications. We will calculate your file and send you limits letting you know how much you can start to look for.

When do I give notice?

Once you receive your limits (see above question) you will also receive a letter explaining the process and that at this point we cannot move forward without a vacate notice. Notices need to be given in writing to your landlord by the 10th of whatever month you want to vacate (example: want to move 9/30, give written notice to your landlord 9/10 stating moving out 9/30) You will need to send us a copy of the notice you serve your landlord. We need to have this copy by the 10th as well.

When will the inspection take place on my new unit?

Once you have completed the paperwork, received your limits and found a place you will do the credit check or whatever is necessary to see if the landlord will approve you. If the landlord does approve you, you will give them the request for tenancy approval packet we mailed to you with your limits. The landlord will complete this packet and once we receive it an inspection will be ordered. Inspections can take up to 10 days from the day we receive this request.

When will I know my new rent portion?

Once the process is completed you will receive a notice in the mail notifying you of your new portion and when it takes affect.

I would like to rent a unit owned by my relative. Is that allowed? I am not disabled.

No, you cannot rent from a relative. You may be able to if you or a family member is disabled.

What if I want to move to a different location? Can I take my voucher/assistance with me and, if so, how do I go about doing that?

Please contact your Housing Coordinator to see if your assistance is transferable.

What is rent reasonable?

Rent Reasonable is determined when our inspector inspects a unit and is re-evaluated at each yearly/annual review. He is determining what the unit is worth (Fair Market Rent).

Why are my limits different?

Your limits are based on your income, etc. If your limits are higher than what is being approved for rent reasonable you may see a line drawn through your limits with a note stating how much you may want to look for. Your limits will most likely change each time you move.

Do you help with deposits?

No, we do not but you may want to call DSHS to see if they can help or 211 (resource line).

I have a 2-bedroom voucher but want to move into a 3-bedroom unit. Can I do that?

This is called over-housing. Please call your Housing Coordinator so that once your paperwork is complete they can send you limits on both bedroom sizes. However, please keep in mind that if you find a bigger bedroom size within the limits we send you your rent portion will most likely significantly increase at your next review because of your over-housing.