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Vision Statement

We envision a future where all Snohomish County residents have safe and affordable housing.  Where community becomes opportunity and where housing becomes a home.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of Snohomish County residents by expanding housing opportunities that promote stability, strengthen community and provide affordability.

HASCO provides families and Individuals with affordable housing.

The Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO) was established in 1971 to provide affordable housing, enhance quality of life, and build safer and stronger communities. HASCO has helped a significant number of people in its 40 year history.

Guided by a six-member board of commissioners and staffed by 73, the Housing Authority owns and manages more than 2000 units of subsidized and affordable housing. The Housing Authority also directs dozens of innovative programs that enhance the quality of people’s lives and creates a more strongly knit community.

Today state and local governments are taking the lead for meeting the housing needs of their communities. In recognition of declining federal funds and an affordable housing stock that is not growing fast enough to meet the needs of Snohomish County citizens, HASCO has moved beyond its original mission of serving very low income households to also assist working families who are being squeezed by stagnant wages and increasing housing costs.

HASCO enhances quality of life.

A roof and four walls is just one of the necessary elements toward nurturing healthy, self-sufficient families. Empowering people with the necessary skills to keep a roof over their heads is critically important, as well. The Housing Authority partners with social service agencies throughout the county to offer skills families need to thrive.