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Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Ext. Email Title Dept.
Dave Aldrich 525 daldrich@hasco.org IT Coordinator IT
Janinna Attick 556 jattick@hasco.org Program Integration and Support Manager Development and Policy
Joni Ayson 540 jayson@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Jenny Barker 516 jbarker@hasco.org Budget Manager Accounting
Greg Barrett   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
Chris Bogdan 543 cbogdan@hasco.org Construction Program Manager Construction
Linda Bond 533 lbond@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Troy Burke   Work Order Page Maintenance Manager Maintenance
Kristen Cane 541 kcane@hasco.org Director of Development and Policy Development and Policy
Jenna Christenson 608 jchristenson@hasco.org Housing Program Manager Tenant Based Assistance
Tamra Close 571 tclose@hasco.org Supportive Services Navigator Resident Resources
Chris Collier 601 ccollier@hasco.org  AHA Program Manager  Development and Policy
Brittany Conner 604 bconner@hasco.org  Housing Specialist  Tenant Based Assistance
Liz Dewey 530 edewey@hasco.org Human Resources Specialist  Administrative Services
Misty Dyer   mdyer@hasco.org Electronic Records Coordinator Administrative Services
Tom Eadie 521 teadie@hasco.org Housing Program Manager Tenant Based Assistance
Glen Forbes 517 gforbes@hasco.org Housing Specialist I Tenant Based Assistance
Pam Frost 550 pfrost@hasco.org Director of Finance Accounting
Melanie Golden 515 mgolden@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Amber Grody 602 agrody@hasco.org Housing Specialist II Tenant Based Assistance
Laura Hale 605 lhale@hasco.org Administrative Services Coordinator

Administrative Services

Kimberly Hart 574 khart@hasco.org Manufactured Home Specialist Asset Management
Christine Hoover 514 choover@hasco.org Senior IT Manager IT
Dallas Hunt 575 dhunt@hasco.org Inspector Manager Inspection
Chuck Hurt   Work Order Page Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Steve Kehler 542 skehler@hasco.org Director of Asset Management Asset Management
Stephanie Keimig 549 skeimig@hasco.org Portfolio Manager Asset Management
Debbie Krick 527 dkrick@hasco.org Senior Accounting Technician Accounting
Loi Ky 546 lky@hasco.org Accountant Accounting
Nancy Larson 425-210-1696 nlarson@hasco.org  Leasing Agent Asset Management
Jenn Lehmann 610 jlehmann@hasco.org Client Service Rep Administrative Services
Duane Leonard 522 dleonard@hasco.org Executive Director Executive
Sarah Max 603 smax@hasco.org

Asst to Exec Dir for Housing Admin

Toni Meek 529 tmeek@hasco.org Portability and Housing Specialist II Tenant Based Assistance
Edwin Moya 519 emoya@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Priscilla Ndlovu 528 pndlovu@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Lien Nguyen 526 lnguyen@hasco.org Maintenance Admin Assistant Asset Management
April Nielsen 600 anielsen@hasco.org Resident Resources Assistant Administrative Services
Tia Noun 564 tnoun@hasco.org PBV Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Martina O'Connell 425-750-8042 moconnell@hasco.org Roving Property Manager Asset Management
Maribel Ortiz 512 mortiz@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Mark Papritz 551 mpapritz@hasco.org Construction Superintendent Construction
Cheryl Patten 537 cpatten@hasco.org Asset Management Assistant Asset Management
Dylan Ramos   Work Order Page

 Maintenance Laborer

Virginia Redden 520 vredden@hasco.org Accounting Technician Accounting
Phyllis Renteria 511 prenteria@hasco.org Special Programs Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Lauri Roberts 523 lroberts@hasco.org Senior Accounting Technician Accounting
Kyle Rooney   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
Raffy Santos 553 rsantos@hasco.org Asset Management Coordinator Asset Management
Cathy Schindler 518 cschindler@hasco.org Resident Resources Manager Administrative Services
Karen Scriver 571 kscriver@hasco.org PBV Specialist  Tenant Based Assistance
Angela Seay  536 waitlist@hasco.org Community Services Specialist Resident Resources
Serjay Shevchuk 539 sshevchuk@hasco.org Asset Management Specialist Asset Management
Bobby Simpson   bsimpson@hasco.org Construction Superintendent Construction
Cynthia Slaybaugh 566 cslaybaugh@hasco.org Inspections Administrative Assistant Inspection
Theresa Snow 561 tsnow@hasco.org Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Jenisa Story 534 jstory@hasco.org Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services Administrative Services
Tamara Self 524 tself@hasco.org Accounting Technician Accounting
Peggy Tate 510 Ptate@hasco.org Client Services Representative Administrative Services
Mark Tingley 606 MTingley@hasco.org Client Services Representative Administrative Services
Brandon Turner   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
Jackie VanAssche 555 jvanassche@hasco.org Construction Coordinator Construction
Brad Waddle   Work Order Page  Maintenance Techician  Maintenance
Ashley Weathersbee aweathersbee@hasco.org Community Manager Asset Management
Ronnie Wendell 545 rwendell@hasco.org Rural Development Specialist Asset Management
Andrew Whitfield   Work Order Page Maintenance Laborer Maintenance
Curtis Whitfield   cwhitfield@hasco.org
Inspector  Inspections
Kristen Whittaker 565 kwhittaker@hasco.org Affordable Housing Manager Asset Management
Mindy Wilson 554 mwilson@hasco.org Asset Manager Asset Management