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Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a change, adaptation, or modification to a policy, program, service, or workplace which will allow for a qualified person with a disability to participate fully in a program, take advantage of a service, or perform a job. To show that a requested accommodation may be necessary, there must be an identifiable relationship, or nexus, between the requested accommodation and the individual’s disability.

If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please complete HASCO’s Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form, and submit it to your Housing Specialist.

A qualified professional whose function is to provide services to the person with a disability, may be asked to complete a Health Care Provider Statement.

It is the policy of the Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO) not to discriminate based on disability in access to HASCO programs and services; to comply with State, Federal and local anti-discrimination laws, and rules and regulations governing fair housing; and to provide equal opportunity in housing and employment.

HASCO shall not deny any family or individual the opportunity to apply for or receive assistance based on race, color, sex, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, familial or marital status, disability or sexual orientation.