Information about HASCO and coronavirus (COVID-19), including office closures.
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HASCO has received many questions and comments regarding the current government shut down. Like you, we are waiting for resolution and more information from the federal government. Here is what we know as of January 15, 2019 (this will be updated when more information is received):

  • Housing and Utility Assistance Payments (HAP/UAP) have been made for the month of January. HASCO has received word from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development that they have funds to cover HAP/UAP for the month of February. HUD has not confirmed if HUD staff will be available to send the funds to Public Housing Authorities for payment. We have not received any information from HUD about HAP/UAP beyond February.
  • If the government shutdown continues, and HUD runs out of money, tenants are still responsible for paying their portion of rent/utilities. Section 8 participants are not expected to pay the full amount of rent because of the government shutdown.
  • Landlords may not terminate the tenancy of a Section 8 participant because HASCO does not have the funds to pay HASCO’s portion of rent (Please see paragraph 5.d. of HUD form 52641-A Tenancy Addendum for Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance Housing Choice Voucher Program).
  • HASCO will NOT pay any late fees or penalties to landlords if payments are not paid promptly because of the government shutdown (please see paragraph 7(a)(3) on page 5 of HUD form 52641 Housing Assistance Payment Contract); a government shutdown is beyond HASCO’s control. HASCO will NOT pay any fees or penalties that are incurred because the tenant did not pay their portion of rent under their lease.

If you need support/resources to learn more about your legal rights, please reach out to one of the organizations listed below: