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Reporting Changes in your Household

When something changes in your household

Please remember that it is your obligation to report ANY and ALL changes that happen in your household. This means if your income goes up or down, someone moves out, or you are requesting to add someone to your household.

  • When something changes, you MUST report your change, in writing, within ten (10) days of the occurrence.
  • You will need a change form to report income changes and/or someone moving out of your household.
  • You will need an add a minor packet to request the addition of a minor child to your household.
  • You will need an add a member packet to request the addition of an adult member to your household. IMPORTANT: Please know that completing an add member packet does not give you authorization to allow anyone to move into your household. You MUST first receive Housing Authority and Landlord approval before you move anyone into your unit.

All these packets are located on the Current Tenant Page.


How soon do I have to report a change?

Within 10 days of the occurrence/change.

What do I do if I have a change in my income?

Please send us a letter letting us know what your changes are. Once we receive your letter we will review it. You will either receive a thank you letter for reporting or a packet to complete and return with verification of your changes.

How long will it take for my rent to change once I turn in my changes?

Once your packet is received and all the verifications for the change are received, the change will be made. This process may take approximately 30 days.

When will I find out what my new rent portion will be?

Once your packet is in and all verifications have been provided we will calculate your file. Once your file has been calculated you will receive a notification in the mail as to what your new rent portion is and when it begins.

Can I add a roommate to my housing?

You can only add relatives or significant others (boyfriend, girlfriend/fiancé) to your housing voucher. However, if you are classified as disabled, you may add another disabled person as a roommate.

What do I do if I want to add someone to my housing?

You will need to report this to us in writing. Please indicate who you want to add (their name), their age and their relationship to you. Once we receive your letter we will send you the appropriate paperwork for this process. The person you want to add cannot move in until we have approved them and your landlord has approved them.

When will I get my new rent portion?

You will receive notification in writing if and when your rent changes and when that change begins.

I mailed a change letter in but I have not heard or received anything, what do I do?

When you mail in a letter reporting your change, you will always get one of the following two items: a) Change Packet or, b) Thank you letter. If you have not received one or the other, please call us to confirm.