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Clients receiving Section 8 or Project-based voucher assistance are assigned to a Housing Specialist alphabetically by last name.

Caseload Breakdown

If you have a question regarding Section 8 and Project-based clients, please contact your Housing Specialist based on the alpha caseload below:

Name Alpha Breakdown Phone Extension E-mail Address Supervisor Notes:
Linda Bond A thru B 533 T Homeowners (A-G), Owner Changes
Zhanna Yermakovych Ca thru Car 517 Tom Fairview, Lincoln Hill Village, Maple Leaf Meadows, Soundview, Winters Creek South, Winters Creek North, Woods Creek Village, Craigmont, Trillium, Twin Lakes Landing, Soap Suds
Khalid Khoshal Cas thru Cho 517 Tom
Joni Ayson Chr thru Fo and Mam thru McD 540 Jenna

Manufactured Homeowners, Owner changes

Melanie Golden Fr thru Kori 515 Jenna Homeowners (H-Z)
Sukai Gaye Koro thru Lo 573 Derek
Lida Khoshal Lo thru Mal and V thru Z 519 Jenna
Theresa Snow McE thru Schu 561 Jenna
Alison Barnes Schw thru Shi 564 Derek Mainstream, FUP/KFT A-K, NED II, Station Place, Sebastian's Place, Claire's Place
Cecilia Forbes Shm thru T 602 Jenna

Tess Lommers-Johnson Tu thru U and PBV 512 Tom Avondale, East Terrace, Family Village Everett, Family Village Lynnwood, Family Village Mountlake Terrace, Lincoln Way, Meadowdale, Robin Park, Stanwood Lincoln Hill, Trinity, Woodlake Manor
Brittany Conner


604 Derek VASH Inkate and HCV Intake
Karen Scriver Mainstream Intake 571 Derek Intake and ongoing & PBV Training
Zenobia Frazier Mainstream Intake 511 Derek
Michelle Ayers Portability 537 Tom Port Ins, Port Outs, Intake
NameTitlePhone ExtensionE-mail Address
Jenna ChristensonHousing Program
Tom EadieHousing Program
Derek DelvalleSpecial Program
Jodie Halsne Housing Program