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Annual Re-certifications and Inspections

HASCO is required by HUD regulations to do a re-certification of every housing program participant every year.

Known as an “Annual” to any housing authority, this includes a review of your household composition, and the household’s income, assets and expenses. It also includes an inspection of your unit to make sure it still meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

An Annual Re-certification packet will be mailed to all program particpants a few months before the date their Annual is due. Your landlord will also be notified of the renewal. The participant will be notified of a scheduled date for the HQS inspection.

If the HQS inspection of the unit fails, you, or your landlord as the case may be, have up to 30 days to correct the problems that were found in preparation of a re-inspection of the unit. The exact amount of time the tenant or landlord has to make the repairs is stated in the failed inspection letter that goes to the landlord and tenant.

All these packets are located on the Current Tenant Page.

Earned Income Verification (EIV)

For information about HUD’s Earned Income Verification system, click on the link below: