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Non-Elderly Disabled Category 2 (NED-2) Vouchers

Client Success Stories

The following stories show the positive impact that housing assistance has had on the lives of some of HASCO’s clients.

Non-Elderly Disabled Category 2 (NED-2) Vouchers

These vouchers are designated for disabled persons under the age of 62 who are living in an institution or a nursing facility but wish to transition to living in their own home. Referrals and services for these vouchers are provided by the Department of Social and Health Services, Roads to Community Living (RCL) program staff. Below are stories from some of the clients who have been assisted by this program.

Charles’ Story

When Charles checked into the hospital in December 2010, he gave up everything he owned except the clothes on his back and the briefcase he carried with him. For six years prior to entering the hospital, he had suffered from a series of illnesses that interfered with his ability to work, and drained what few assets he had been able to accumulate during his working life.

Charles now has a stable home with his NED Category 2 voucher. Thanks to his voucher, he is beginning to recover his health and is starting to think about what kinds of employment would be possible for him, given his health and age. He feels that “this program is going to enable [him] to get back on [his] feet, and become a regular taxpaying citizen again.” He says he can’t thank the staff at HASCO and DSHS enough for all of the assistance he’s received to establish a new home in Snohomish County.

Wes’ Story

Prior to entering a nursing facility due to health issues, Wes faced many challenges and lacked stability in his life and housing, residing in drug treatment facilities as well as homeless shelters.

While living in the nursing facility prior to getting his NED-2 voucher, Wes was focused on the moment he was in and just getting through each day at the facility where he ended up due to health issues. In his own words, he “found victory” at the end of each passing day.

When he began the process to receive his voucher, he said that having so many people concerned about his wellbeing and future life, and helping him get a place of his own, was such a surprise. “A group of people [came] to my bedside, all working together” to help him get a place he could call home.

With assistance through the NED-2 program, Wes now has a cozy apartment of his own with furniture and household supplies. Every night, as before, victory takes him into sleep, but now he can see the future ahead of him more clearly as he has a stable place to live. He is now in an environment where he can work on literally getting back on his feet!