Public Housing Options

HASCO's public housing program provides low income housing to families and individuals in the community who meet income and other eligibility requirements.

The Puget Sound area has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. The resulting demand for housing has driven rents up and out of reach for many low-income families. Public Housing provides an important service to the community by providing well managed, affordable rentals to these individuals and families.

In addition to providing housing, HASCO encourages and supports participants in their endeavors to achieve self-sufficiency. Beginning July 1, 2001 Public Housing residents who meet certain eligibility requirements must engage in eight hours of community service per month. Participants are provided an opportunity to give back to the community, and to build on their job skills. Education about the requirement, and monitoring participants' compliance is the responsibility of the public housing division.

Public Housing Owned by HASCO

Our nine developments house 196 households in suburban communities and numerous single family and duplex scattered site units. For more information regarding the program, call (425) 290-8499 x 536