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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait to get housing?
All of the rental assistance programs have waiting lists.  The waiting lists are long and we are unable to predict an applicant’s exact wait time.  Approximate wait times from the date one applies for housing:

Senior and Disabled (Rural Development) Housing:  up to 7 years

Tenant Based Assistance (Section 8):  8 years (Closed)

What are the income limits to apply for housing assistance?
Household Size Maximum Annual Income
1 $38,750
2 $44,300
3 $49,950
4 $55,350
5 $59,800
6 $64,250
7 $68,650
8+ $73,100

Effective 4/24/2019

How much will I have to pay for rent when I am housed?
Our clients/tenants pay approximately 30% of their income towards rent.
I have a landlord who accepts Section 8. Does this move me to the top of the waitlist?
No.  Our Section 8 waitlist moves according to the date of your application.  You must wait until your name has reached the top of the Section 8 waiting list and you are issued a voucher.
Will my current situation move me closer to the top of the waitlist?
No.  We are required to draw names off the waitlist according to application dates only, not according to an applicant’s situation.
When I apply, do I need to turn in copies of Social Security cards or proof of income?
No.  That is information we will need when you get to the top of the waiting list, but not before then.  A staff member will contact you for more information when your name has reached the top of the waitlist.
How does my immigration status affect my housing application?
You do not need to be a United States citizen to apply for housing, but at least one household member needs to be a citizen or have eligible immigration status to receive housing.
Does HASCO check my criminal history?
Yes.  HASCO screens all applicants for criminal history.  If an applicant’s criminal background indicates that he or she may not be a suitable resident, his or her application for housing assistance may be denied.
How do I check to see if I am already on the waitlist or what my waitlist status is?
You can check the status of your application or update your household information online through the Applicant Portal.
Can I apply with other housing authorities?
Yes.  Every housing authority maintains its own waiting lists.  To find contact information for other housing authorities, click here.
Can I transfer my place on the waitlist to another housing authority?
Is Senior and Disabled Housing transferable?
No.  When you move out of one of HASCO’s Senior and Disabled Housing units, you cannot transfer (or take) the assistance with you to a new apartment and/or house unless it is an approved transfer to another unit within the same HASCO program.
Can I have pets?
A tenant living in Senior and Disabled Housing is allowed up to 2 pets (cat/dog/bird) as long as they are less than 20 pounds.  (Service animals are not included in this rule.)  For the Section 8 program, it is up to individual landlords to make decisions regarding pets.