In the Face of Federal Housing Program Budget Cuts, HASCO Assists Clients in Attaining Employment

On January 15, 2014, HASCO sent a letter to the 500 Section 8 recipients that have been on the program the longest that do not have an elderly or disabled head of household, co-head, or spouse, and do not have a special program voucher. The letter explains that the recipient is at risk of losing their housing assistance due to federal spending cuts. HASCO also issued a press release on January 21, 2014. HASCO strongly encourages any adult members of the households that received the letter to participate in the employment program that HASCO is offering through a partnership with the Workforce Development Council of Snohomish County. For more information, please fill out and sign the Authorization for Release of Information that was sent to you and send it to your housing coordinator, or contact your housing coordinator for more information.